Bharata Natyam - Vividha Nayika - Priyadarsini Govind

Bharata Natyam - Vividha Nayika - Priyadarsini Govind


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Damsels and their diverse emotions - Nrithya Choodamani Priyadarsini Govind's aesthetic exposition of five love-struck heroines. In a typical Bharatanatyam idiom, the danseuse explores the physical and mental status of these women tossed, tormented and buffeted by love. She uses a clutch of colourful padams and javalis created by master composers across India straddling different languages, emotions and situations.

Truly a scintillating performance which provides a new perspective of love by lifting the viewers from mundane aspects of love to experience its spiritual dimensions.

Tracks: Sogasu - Sahana - Misra chapu - Telugu, Payyadha - Nadha namakriya - Tisra triputa - Kshetrayya - Telugu, Koodi koose - Saurashtram - Adi - Kshetrayya - Telugu, Ethnai sonnalum - Saveri - Adi - Subbarama Iyer - Tamil and Siva dhiksha - Kurinji - Adi - Ganam Seenayya - Telugu

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