Thyagaraja Ramayanam
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Thyagaraja Ramayanam is an Ekaharya, or a solo ballet wherein the story of Sri Rama as visualized by Thyagaraja, is portrayed in two parts - from Rama's birth to Sita Kalyanam & from Bharata's search for Rama to the final coronation of Rama in Ayodhya. The Ekaharya is based on the book 'Thyagaraja Kriti Ramayanam'by Sri D Seshadri. Select Kritis of Thyagaraja are used to describe the story of Sri Rama, as well as depict Thyagaraja's reaction to the various episodes in Rama's life. Valmiki shlokas are used for continuity and have been set to music by Smt. Subhashini Shankar.

Dancing with joy, Dr Ananda Shankar Jayant, one of the renowned dancers of the country; imbues technique and grammar with a sparkling quality, bristling with life. Hailed as an intelligent and thinking dancer with contemporary sensibility, Ananda, with her grace, vivacity and inner luminescence draws the viewer into the inner spaces that she paints, leaving the audience deeply touched.

'I dance in frenzied action seeking the stillness of the soul' - Dr Ananda Shankar Jayant

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DVD 5 ALL English 52 min

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