Bharatanatyam The Dance of Shiva

by Shashikala Ravi
The Dance of Shiva


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THE DANCE OF SHIVA is a solo ballet choreographed by Shashikala Ravi in Ragamalika and Talamalika. It is an exploration of some of the cosmic dances of Lord Shiva, more situational in its aspect; when, where and why it was performed. All the lyrics and images used for this presentation are from the book Shiva Thandavangal written by the Gnanacheri Swami Shri Sadashiva Bramendrar.

Smt Shashikala Ravi is the founder director of Amritanjali School of Bharatanatyam in Pune, India where she trains both Indian and foreign students. She is a performing artiste, a teacher and a choreographer all in one. Shashikala Ravi is the senior disciple of the legendary dancer Natya Kalanidhi late Smt Swarna Saraswathy of Bharatanatya Academy, Delhi under whom she trained for several years. Shashikala is also a student of Padmabhushan Smt Kalanidhi Narayan , Chennai.

Shashikala holds a post graduate degree in Bharatanatyam. She is pursuing her PhD in Bharatanatyam. She is also trained in Carnatic vocal music. Shashikala Ravi is a recipient of Natya Ratna and Akhil Bharatiya Marathi Natya Parishad awards. She is an empanelled artiste with the Indian Council of Cultural Relations, New Delhi . Shashikala has performed widely in India and abroad.

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