Siriya Thirumadal


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The lovelorn Nayika, Love as an affliction, The diagnosis and an abuse full of love!
Bharatanatyam set to Bhakti!
This one-liner provides a short and snappy description of this product which presents a pulsating recital by Dr. Vyjayantimala Bali, the distinguished danseuse. Blending Bharatanatyam idioms with the devotional outpourings of Thirumangai Aazhwar in Siriya Thirumadal, she creates an aesthetic synergy between art, literature and bhakti. The pains and privations of a love-afflicted Parakala Nayaki, as portrayed by the Aazhwar have been faithfully and tastefully captured by Dr. Bali. Introducing each item, the artiste not only expounds on the Nayaki's pangs of separation and her infinite love for the Lord, but also provides insights into the social milieu of medieval times with vivid descriptions of practices like madal oordhal, kuda koothu etc. Further value addition comes by way of a scholastic exposition of the literary and spiritual significance of Siriya Thirumadal by Dr. M. A. Venkatakrishnan, a renowned scholar and Professor of Vaishnavism, University of Madras. A collector's item that stands for the convergence of a distinctive style of dance, poetry and devotion to the Lord.

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