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An exposition through a classroom session & demo by
Kalanidhi Narayanan & Jamuna Krishnan
The divine delights of Surdas & Vidyapathi Concept & Presentation by Priyadarsini Govind

This product unfurls the luster and luxuriance of the poetry of Vidyapathi and Sudras, the northern Indian saint composers and explains how it presents a broad canvas for abhinaya. It creates a unique unique aesthetic experience through a seamless and scintillating fusion of literature, music and abhinaya.

The highlight of the product is a classroom session involving Smt. Kalanidhi Narayanan, the legendary abhinaya exponent and Jamuna Krishnan, her distinguished disciple and a researcher. The duo rolls out the literary genius of Vidyapathi through three important compositions of the 14th century poet:

"Ye sakhi pe kali ik apuroopa" - an awe-struck girl describes Krishna's elegance to her friend.

"Sakhi ki poochasi anubhava" - When quizzed by a friend, the heroine calls her love experiences "indescribable", yet describes them at length!

"Ki kahabu sakhi raath ka baath" - a girl bewails the unrefined behaviour of her lover the previous night and expresses her dismay to her friend.

"The composition's context, content and the choice of words are first discussed in detail. Then slowly and softly, Maanimi's abhinaya blossoms out guiding the student through the marvels of these rich literary pieces. She answers, analyzes, clarifies, compares, contrasts, indicates, indicts, explores and explains all aspects of shrungara rasa.

The classroom discussion is followed by Jamuna Krishnan's lively demonstration (in 3 angles) of the following items:

"Ki kahabu sakhi raath ka baath" - Raag Pilu - Taal Adi - Vidyapathi
"What is there to speak about last night?", asks the heroine in disgust as she complains about her lover's crude and unsophisticated love making.

"Udho mohi brij bisarathu nahi" - Raag Dvijavanti - Taal Adi - Surdas
Krishna's nostalgic recollection of his childhood have been recorded in this verse from Brahmageeth of Surdas.

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