Bharata Natyam - Rasanubhava - a unique emotional experience

Rasanubhava - a unique emotional experience


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A variety of emotions is unleashed through legendary compositions in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada straddling different characters and situations. Here ‘Nrithya Choodamani’ Priyadarsini Govind, the most celebrated dancer of all times, ably supported by her heavenly students Apoorva Jayaraman and Shweta Prachande, provides a celestial fare with her divine abhinaya skills.

Selected and choreographed by the Priyadarsini, each item is introduced by the danseuse herself detailing its genre, composer, meaning of the lyrics and the mood portrayed. While the composition in the kavadi chindhu format is presented as a duet by Apoorva and Shweta Prachande, the other items unfold as captivating solos.

A product crafted for the open-minded rasika.

‘Veera thiruvizhi’ (kavadi chinthu format) -Pilu-Tisram- Mahakavi Subramanya Bharati Performed by Apoorva Jayaraman & Shweta Prachande

‘Rattiri Pozhuthenge’ -Kambhoji-Adi- Subbarama Iyer Performed by Apoorva Jayaraman

’Natana poosai seivom’ -Hamsadhwani-Rupakam-Suddhananda Bharati Performed by Shweta Prachande

’Jagadhodharana’ -Karnataka kapi-Adi-Purandara Dasa Performed by Priyadarsini Govind

‘Gummana karayadire’ -Thilang-Adi-Purandara Dasa Performed by Apoorva Jayaraman

‘Itu sahasamulu’ -Saindhavi-Adi-Maharaja Swathi thirunaal Performed by Shweta Prachande


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DVD 5 ALL English 65 min

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