Bharatanatyam : Pushpanjali


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This 2 DVDs set contains the teaching of Pushpanjali in a
step by step approach by Jayalakshmi Eshwar.

Each line has been repeated many times so
that anyone can learn the complete Pushpanjali and perform.

The feet movements and the hand gestures
are also explained separately for the easy understanding of the item.

Ragam: Kedharam
Talam: Adi

Disc 1:
Chapters 1-10
(Step-by-step Pushpanjali)

Disc 2:
Chapter 1: Hand gestures
Chapter 2: Detailed Hand movements of Pushpanjali
Chapter 3: Audio music for Pushpanjali

Disc 1 & Disc 2 Region Language
DVD 5 ALL English


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