Prakritim Vade – Salutation to Nature

Prakritim Vade – Salutation to Nature

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Dancer/presenter: Komala Varadan

Our sages have over the centuries drawn attention to Nature and Environment and their vital importance to the existence of all beings. They have dealt elaborately with the Cosmic law that governs all the phenomena in the universe and the equilibrium that is maintained.

Symbolically rain has been described as the link between heaven and earth. It has been said that for the realisation of Cosmic harmony the prerequisite is the existence of a proper relation between earth and heaven.

Komala Varadan, the renowned Bharata Natyam dance known for innovative and original choraography has choreographed Prakritim Vande, a tribute to Nature and Environment by synthesizing poetry, dance, music and photography. Being a photographer herself, her collection on Nature hav been used to highlight the programme. Music arrangement by S.Varadan.

    1.        Salutation to Surya
    2.        Seasons
    3.        Flowers
    4.        Rain
    5.        Village Scene
    6.        Man-Nature Relationship
    7.        Shanti Sloka


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