Odissi basics - Smitalay

Odissi basics - Smitalay


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Volume 1
As taught by Guru Jhelum Paranjape

Guru Jhelum Paranjape started training in Odissi with guru Shankar Behera. Since then she has completely dedicated herself in the pursuit of Odissi dance. A highly acclaimed dancer, she was the first non-Oriya dancer to have received the prestigious Mahari award, among others.

Smitalay is a leading dance school of Odissi in Mumbai, established in 1989 by guru Jhelum Paranjape.

In this volume of Smitalay Odissi series, students will learn:

  • basic warm-up exercises
  • torso and eye exercises
  • hasta bheda
  • learning chowk
  • chowk stepping class
  • learning tribhangi
  • tribhangi stepping class

Odissi basics - Smitalay

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