Neela Varnam : Bharatanatyam DVD by Rajashree Warrier

Neela Varnam : Bharatanatyam by Rajashree Warrier


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Neela (blue) is Krishna's colour, who is an embodiment of joy, that is sublime and eternal, is cast in the infinite blueness of eternity.

Neela varnam explores the nrithya of Bharathanatyam.


1.Marulu minchera
2.Neelakkarmukil varna
3.Jo Achyuthananda
4.Gummana karayadire
5.Gandhamu poyyaruga
6.Kallu veno
7.Krishnayena barade
8.Aaye Giridhar

Rajashree Warrier is a Bharatanatyam dancer and Carnatic Musician who has 15 dance productions to her credit. Rajashree directed and presented more than eight Television documentary series on Art and Culture in regional and national TV networks of India.


Disc Region Language Duration
DVD 5 ALL English 45 min

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