Nayika Bhava
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Conceptualized & Presented by Priyadarsini Govind

Explained with ‘Nanne pelladusu ni’- Ragamalika-Adi-Kshetrayya

This unique padam by Kshetrayya, the 17th century composer offers immense scope for a performing Bharatanatyam artiste presenting as it does the attributes of all the three categories of heroines namely Mugdha , Madhya and Pragalbha. It offers a colourful canvas to express the distinctive shades of each nayika, her environment and emotions, perceptions and preferences, desires and dilemmas.

Bharatanatyam Nayika Bhava - explained with Mugdha, Madhya & Pragalbha
'Padmabhushan' Kalanidhi Narayanan & Sangeetha Eswaran

Nayikabhava is an interesting and exhaustive topic that forms the very core of padams and javalis used in abhinaya. This product takes you on a voyage across its enchanting expanses explaining the significance of Nayikabhava in portraying shrungara rasa. It presents a full-blown picture of Mugdha, Madhya and Pragalbha- the three heroines classified by ancient dance texts in accordance with their levels of maturity in understanding the carnal aspects of love.

The highlight of the product is a classroom session involving Smt. Kalanidhi Narayanan ('Maami'- to her students), the legendary abhinaya exponent and Sangeetha Eswaran, her distinguished disciple. Maami scatters the nuggets of her wisdom from what seems to be an inexhaustible treasure-trove of abhinaya. Her furrowed face explodes into a kaleidoscope of expressions as she repeats the padam with her customary interjections to suggest improvisations. Interestingly, the transition from one nayika to another is unnoticeably smooth, speaking volumes about Maami's genius. It is a unique experience that no adjective can effectively describe.

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