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's exclusive Mohiniyattam perfo

Smt. Gopika Varmas, exclusive performances are captured in a aesthetically. The items presented are beautifully narrated by abinayas and mudras. The VCD features 4 items for the duration of 60 minutes.

The VCD was presented and directed by Lakshu, Creative Zone. All the graceful moments are captured in a multicamera setup and preseented in a unique way.

Items present in the VCD are:

1. Cholkattu
Ragam : Chakravaham
Thalam : Adi

2. Amba Gowri (Varnam)
Ragam : Arabhi
Thalam : Thiruputa
Composer : Eraimman Thampi

3. Omanathingal
Ragam : Nilambari
Thalam : Adi
Composer : Eraimman Thampi

4. Thillana
Ragam : Husaini
Thalam : Thisra Adi
Composer : T.N. Sesha Gopal
agam : Husaini
Thalam : Thisra Adi
Composer : T.N. Sesha Gopal

Disc Information

Disc Language Duration
VCD English 60 min



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