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Gopika Varma on 'Hastha' : "Hastha has been envisaged by me, to share my rich experiences with like-minded souls. The help and inspiration I received for this venture, from the acclaimed Kathakali doyen, Sri. Nelliyodu Vasudevan Nampoothiri is greatfully acknowledged. In all humility I dedicate " Hasta' to Mohiniyattam and to all those cherish it."

Symbolic sign language or language of Mudras, projecting Celestials, objects, emotions and so on, has been an indivisible of the ancient and vast dance and semi-dance senario of Indian performing arts.

'Hastha lakshana deepika', authored by an anonymous scholar, is a treasure house of information and describes 548 hastas. It is a matter of regret that sufficient exposure has been denied to it. The unity value of this text is immense, especially to aspiring artists who are not lucky enough to have a Guru at hand.

The CD 'Hastha', based on the great text, aims to serve as aguide and reference work. Other that the twenty-four Mudras found in 'Hastha lakshana Deepika', their combinations, permutations and classifications are included in it, along with the mudras in common use in dance, thus elevating their numbers to five hundred and forty eight.

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