Meera - a tribute to M.S.
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Lyrics by: asri Papanasam Sivan & 'Kalki' Krishnamurthy

Smt. M.S.Subbulakshmi or M.S is a legendary musician of our times known not only for her outstanding achievements, but also for her humility and compassion.

Her very name is synonymous with Meera, the 16th century Rajput queen-devotee of Lord Krishna whom she played with such élan in the 1945 celluloid classic of the same name. In this DVD, Shobana Bhalchandra, the eminent Bharatanatyam danseuse, teacher and choreographer offers a solemn and stirring tribute to M.S through a Bharatanatyam presentation.

Segment 1

Meera - the maiden
Leelaigal seivane
Nandabala en manala
Giridhara gopala
Enadhu ullame
Music interlude...(laali)

Segment 2

Meera - the reluctant queen
Kaatrinile varum geetham
Aranga un mahimaiyai
Maravene ennalumae
Maraintha koondilirunthu

Segment 3

Meera - the seeker
Brindavanthil kannan valarntha
Engum nirainthaayae
Leelaigal seivanae
Disc Region Language Duration
DVD 5 ALL English 57 min



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