Maya Ravan - Musical Dance Ballet by Shobana and group

Maya Ravan - Musical Dance Ballet by Shobana and group


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The DVD is Shobana's dance ballet featuring best classical and film dances of India. The theme is based on the great Indian mythological epic Ramayana and focusses on the life of the demon king Ravana who rules over the kingdom of Lanka. He is portrayed as an ambitious, egoistic, but also a charming king when he woos Sita.

Hanuman, a vanara (primitive half-ape forest tribe) king, vows to assist Rama in his quest to bring back Sita. Hanuman goes to Lanka to mediate and try to bring back Sita amicably. Ravan in turn answers by setting Hanuman's tail on fire. The spectators see the great battle beautifully performed in the ballet, including Ravan's death act.

Disc Region Language Duration
DVD 5 ALL English 120 min

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