The Cadences of - Kuchupudi

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Soundarya Manjari - A Cluster of Pathra Pravesha Darus

This product treats you to the delights of Kuchupudi, one of the major streams of Indian classical dance that emanated from Andhra Pradesh. Essentially a dance-drama, Kuchupudi is known for its aesthetic amalgamation of pure dance or ‘nritta’, music and histrionics with which it enacts scenes from Hindu epics and mythological tales.

Here the quintessence of ‘Pathra Pravesa Daru’ the entry item comes alive in a sparkling solo performance by ‘Kalaimamani’ Uma Muraleekrishna, a seasoned Kuchupudi exponent known for her flawless style and grace. Each item is preceded by a detailed description of the composition, the context and the character portrayed.

Bhamane Sathya bhamane -Bhairavi-Misrachapu

This piece from ‘Bhama Kalapam’, a legendary work by Siddhendra Yogi brings out the traits of Sathyabhama, the arrogant queen of Krishna.

Vidalera Voyyarolu -Kedara Gowla-Ad

Taken from ‘Vipranaryana Charitham’, this number exudes Shrungara rasa and describes how a devadasi gears up to seduce sage Vipranarayana.

Tharuni Rukmini Vechanamma -Kalyani-Misrachapu

An item from ‘Rukmini Kalyanam’, this number speaks about the beauty and poise of Rukmini, Krishna’s consort.

Mathurya Murali - An Exposition of Tarangams

Kuchupudi is an ancient dance form of India that has its roots in the southern province of Andhra Pradesh that involves fast, rhythmic footwork and sculpture-like body postures. Essentially a dance-drama, it unfolds scenes from Hindu epics and mythology by combining music, dance and acting.

This product unveils the nuances of ‘Tarangam’ an important component of Kuchupudi through a pulsating recital by ‘Kalaimamani’ Uma Muraleekrishna, a highly acclaimed artiste. The highlight of ‘Tarangam’ is that the dancer dances on the edge of a brass plate marked by nimble but complicated rhythmic patterns.

Goverdhana giri dhara-Ragamalika-Adi
This composistion of Narayana Theertha from 'Krishna Leela Tarangini' describes how Krishna lifted a mountain with his little finger and sheltered the entire village under it. It also speaks about his boyhood pranks.

Maragatha mani maya chela-Aarabi-Adi
This lyric by Uthukadu Venkatasubba Iyer extols the charm of Krishna, his lure and the luster of his garment.

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