Seven Point Kathak Training Program

 Seven Point Kathak Training Program


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Pali Chandra's Seven Point Kathak Training Program:
1. To be a proficient dancer, you need to understand your roots; master your basics
2. To move with speed and grace, work on accuracy of technique
3. Perfection in dance should be a joy to achieve
4. Practice safe dancing with a crisp warm-up and a gradual cool down
5. Discuss dance with intelligence; theory is as important as practice
6. Evolve and innovate as a Kathak dancer
7. Control your breath; prepare the mind and body for dance

Tracks: 1. Artist Profile
2. History of Kathak
3. Natya Karma
4. Nritta and Nritya
5. Tatkaar
6. Hastak
7. Chakkar
8. Chaal
9. Tora / Tukras
10. Tihai
11. Ladi
12. Gharanas of Kathak
13. Guru Vandana
14. Vishnu Vandana
15. Shiva Vandana
16. Krishna Vandana

Disc Region Language Duration
DVD 5 ALL English 59 min

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