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- the magic of javalis

Concept & Presentation by Priyadarsini Govind

‘Itu sahasamulu’
-Saindhavi-Adi-Swathi Thirunaal
A mugdha nayika proffers excuses to her lover and promises of better times

‘Samayamidhe gaadhura’
-Mayamalava gowla-Roopaka- Chinnayya
A parakiya nayika hurriedly turns away her clandestine lover

Samayamidhe ra ra’
-Bihak-Roopakam-Patnam Subramanya Iyer
The furtive invitation from a parakiya nayika to her paramour

‘Apathuru kulo naithine’
-Kamaj-Eka talam-T Pattabhiramiah
Subjected to the ridicule of people around, an abhisarika nayika bemoans her fate

‘Yela vachitivey’
“How did your feet carry you away from your beloved? Don’t you know how much he suffers on account of this separation?”- is the sakhi’s poser to the heroine.

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DVD 5 ALL English

The multiple aspects of love involving different heroines in different situations have been aesthetically presented by‘Padmabhushan’ Smt. Kalanidhi Narayanan, (‘Maami’ - to her students)the legendary abhinaya exponent.

Aided by four lively Javalis from the repertoire of well-known composers, ‘Maami’ explores the torment and turbulence, the fears and fancies, the desires and dilemmas of the lovelorn women.

She does it with a tilt of the head and turn of the eyes backed by the hands that fold and unfold in various shapes and styles depicting countless characters, objects and emotions. It is a unique language; a magic conjured up a medley of meaningful lyrics, mellifluous music and a matchless artiste described by natyashastras as ‘abhinaya!’

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