Dances of India - Vol.5


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Manipuri, Chao Folk Arts Of Manipur and Folk Arts Of Punjab

Episode Nine: Manipuri - Ashtapati by Darshana Jhaveri
Pontha Jagoi by Darshana Jhaveri and Latasana Devi
Folk arts of manipur - Sankritana and Pung Cholam: The dances of Manipur, a North Eastern state of India are influenced by the religious movement of Vaishnavism, the worship of Lord Vishnu. A sense of music and rhythm is inbuilt in the citizens of Manipur. The classical dance form of Manipur is Manipur where the dancers wear vells, along with cylindrical mirrored was popularized by three dancers the Jhaveri Sisters. One of them, Darshana Jhaveri, explains the intricate movements of the Manipuri style of dancing and performs an Ashtapati. Somana Kunitha, Marammana Kunitha and Kasale. This is followed by pontha jagoi a dance competition between Krishna and Radha in Manipuri performed by Darshana Jhaveri and her senior disciple Latasana Devi. This is followed by the all male ensemble of Manipur performing Sankirtana with symbols and dholak. The male dancers also performs a vigorous, rhythmic Pung Cholam with the Dholak in hand.

Episode Ten: Chanu - Seraikella Chau, Purulia Chau, and Mayurbhanj Chau
Folk Arts of Punjab - Bhangda and Giddha: Another variety of dance in Orissa is Chau, a stylized masked dance form. Chau combines folk, tribal and martial traditions and yet covers the Nritta, Natya, and Nritya aspects of classical dance. It is a complex combination of the folk and classical traditions. Three styles of Chau exist in the three different regions of Bihar, West Bengal and Orissa, Seraikella Chau, Purulia Chau, and Mayurbhanj Chau respectively. Each character has a special mask unique to that character only. This episode features extracts of five different Chau items. From Eastern India, we move westwards to the Golden temple of Amritsar, the famous Sikh temple in Punjab . The men of Punjab perform Bhangda, full of masculine vitality, to celebrate the sowing of the wheat crop. Pairs of dancers take turns to execute complex acrobatic movements. From the vigorous Bhangda performed by men-folk of Punjab we have the women-folk of Punjab performing a graceful, gentle Giddha. This number is performed to celebrate a wedding and is characterized by its spontaneous energy.

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