Basic Technique Kalakshetra Bani Volume 1

Basic Technique - Kalakshetra Bani - Volume 1


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  • Slokam & Namaskaram
  • Mandalas
  • Asamyuta hastas
  • Samyuta hastas
  • Tattadavu
  • Naattadavu
  • Dhyana shlokam
  • Tha thai thai thath adavu
  • Usi adavu
  • Kuditthu Mettadavu
  • Tat thai taam adavu
  • Tat tai tha ha adavu
Rukmini Devi Arundale reviewed and modified the Pandanallur bani adavus and other elements based on her training in ballet from Cleo Nordi, a senior student of Anna Pavlova. Rukmini Devi learnt the basics of the Pandanallur style with Meenakshi Sundaram Pillai and and the devadasi abhinaya tradition with Mylapore Gowri Ammal. The DVD includes video footages of Kalakshetra students practising, accompanied by lucent explanations. The students are made aware of the error-prone areas and are provided with guidelines of how to avoid them. There is an explanation of how adavu sequences can be used in different ways within a metrical cycle. The DVD elucidates the manner of adavu rendering, of placing the toes in a particular way, bending to the maximum, stretching the arm fully, the emphasis points, the pirouettes.

Disc Region Language Duration
DVD 5 ALL English 68 min

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