A Tradition Continues - In the footsteps of T.Balasaraswati and K.Ganesan

 A Tradition Continues - In the footsteps of T.Balasaraswati and K.Ganesan


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For Balasaraswati, nothing was greater than her art As an artist she stood high and magnificent as the whole world of dance was watching her with great admiration and wonder. Her excellent music, undiluted Nritta (pure dance), extraordinary abhinaya (interpretative dance) and above all her lofty goals towards her dance would remain forever a glorious path of knowledge.

Her utter devotion to her dance-master Sri. Kandappa, and his Natya Sampradaya was unique. Endowed with a rare blend of in-built spirituality and creative genius, both of which were combined by Bala with utmost propriety to extend a unique touch to her art.

K.Ganesan, son of Kandappa, and a close associate of Bala, who conducted her performances for almost two decades, was a genius by himself". - Nandini Ramani

This DVD contains a collage of clippings from performances at different venues, in India and Abroad by Priyamvada Sankar, Nandini Ramani and Sushama Ranganathan. The collection aims at giving a glimpse of the Bharatanatyam technique as handed over by T.Balasaraswati and K.Ganesan, based on the Natya Sampradaya of the illustrious Kandappa Nattuvanar. Priyamvada and Nandini, the senior most disciples of the legendary Bala and Ganesan, along with their disciple Sushama, present here in this DVD, excerpts of items of repertoire as per the traditional format of Bharatanatyam, firmly adhered to by this school. This is a humble attempt to showcase some limited segments of their performances at different stages of their dance career and their dedicated work for the firm upkeep of this Natya Sampradaya. The clippings in the DVD are from the available archival collection of Dr.V.Raghavan Centre For Performing Arts (Regd.), Chennai.

Disc 1

1. Alarippu - Tisram, Chatusram, Khandam

2. Jatiswaram Excerpts from Poorvikalyani - Adi - Tisra Nadai - K.Ganesan; Kalyani, Rupakam - Ka.Ponniah

3. Sabdam - Kalpakamba - Ragamalika, Misra Chapu - Dr.V.Raghavan

4. Varnam - Tisra Theermanam from Mohamana, first part of Mohamana, Bhairavi, Rupakam, Adi Ponniah, Swarajati - Part of the Muktayi Swara section of Emayaladira, Huseni, Merattur Venkatarama Sastri, Varnam - Charana section of Dani Samajendra - Todi, Adi, Maharaja Swati Tirunal

5. Padam Excerpts from : Enneramum - Devagandhari, Adi, Composer - Gopalakrishna Bharati, Padari Varuguthu, Kambodhi, Rupakam, Subbaramier, Indendu - Surati, Misra Chapu, Kasturi Rangayya

6. Javali Excerpt from : Saramaina - Behag,Rupakam, Maharaja Swati Tirunal

7. Tillana Excerpts from Mandari - Adi - Ponniah Pillai Kapi - Adi - Chinnayya

Disc Region Language Duration
DVD 5 ALL English 73 min

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