Alwar Amudham - a potpourri of pasurams
Concept & Presentation by Priyadarsini Govind


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‘Oodhumath theenkuzharke’
“I lose myself to the mellifluous tunes he plays on his flute”, declares Krishna’s lover

’Muzhuthum vennai’ (Virutham)
-Mohanam-Kulasekara Alvar
Conjures up visions of child Krishna helping himself to scoops of butter

‘Aalaineer karumbannavan’
-Nilambari-Kulasekara Alvar
Devaki, the mother of Krishna is wistful that she could not get to see and enjoy his childhood pranks as Yesoda, his foster mother did!

‘Ennai varugavena’
-Thodi-Adi-Kulasekara Alvar
A Vipralabdha nayika is peeved that Krishna, her lover did not show up to meet her at the appointed hour

‘Kathir kadippittu’
-Useni-Misrachapu-Thirumangai Alvar
A well-dressed Krishna arrives late to meet his beloved. A livid and cold Khandita nayika simply ignores him and his finery.

Disc Region Language Duration
DVD 5 ALL English 42 min

Pasurams, the devotional hymns in praise of Krishna by Alvars, the
Vaishnavite saints have been adapted for abhinaya in this product.‘Padmabhushan’ Smt. Kalanidhi Narayanan, the legendary abhinaya exponent demonstrates their creative scope, scale and sweep with 5 pulsating compositions that explore love in its myriad forms and facets.

Her devices are simple and commonplace- the eyes, the neck, the head and also the hands that fold and unfold creating a host of characters and articulating a variety of emotions. It is a unique language that natyashastra calls ‘abhinaya’!

It is an arresting amalgamation of fine lyrics, music, an ageless dance form and the abhinaya skills of a venerable guru.


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