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Bharatanatyam - Nrtya Prabha Manjari


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Aalam is a legendary tree which can, alone, grow into a sprawling forest.
Experience this similarity with the evolution of Bharthanatyam through the centuries
By Apsaras Arts, Singapore Recording of Performance at Shri Krishna Gana Sabha, Chennai, India (December 2010)

Artistic Direction : Nelia Sathyalingam
Concept & Creative Direction : Aravinth Kumarasamy
Choreography :Shankar Kandasamy

Nava Bharatham | Dance of the Devadasis | Court Dancers of Tanjore
Pada Tryam : Dance of the Raja Dasis | The Revival
The Golden Age of Cinema : Aadum Arul Jothi | Paarkadal Alai Melae
Karanas : The revival of the Maargi Tradition | Modern Trends
Finale and Comments by Dr Padma Subramanyam

Disc Region Language Duration
DVD 5 ALL English 60 min

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