Shobana: live on Broadway


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Sound of Bharatnatyam redefined.
List of compositions in this Bharata natyam DVD
Anjali Introductory piece
Gale Bhujanga Devotional piece describing the beauty of Lord Shiva in the Sringaara Rasa
Ashtapadi Radha's friend tells her that Krisha roams the forest with dancing girls, and that spring has come bringing with it the atmosphere of sringara. Radha pines to be with Krishna along with other damsels in the forest.
Ahilya Moksham The episode of Ahilya in the epic Ramayana is portrayed to pure music of veena.
Temple festival A collage of folk and fun in a joyous atmosphere of a temple festival
Thillana Groove Rajesh Vaidya & Rama Krishna

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Disc Region Language Duration
DVD 5 ALL English 84 min


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