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A Live Performance  
visual presentation of the five elements in Bharatanatyam
Artistes: Prof. C. V. Chandrasekhar, Jaya Chandrasekhar & disciples

Prof. Chandrasekhar and Jaya Chandrasekhar along with their disciples present 'Pancha Maha Bhootam', a production that explores many concepts as found in the Vastusutras and Agamas in an effort to give a visual presentation of the five elements - earth, sky, water, wind and fire worshipped as deities. Lord Shiva is seen as the Ashta Moorthi - the embodiment of these five elements along with Surya (sun), Chandra (moon) and Aham (I). This abstract theme is given a form with symbolic use of dancers weaving dance patterns to assinged metres known as rekhaas and Chhandas.

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