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Abhinaya is a mafic wand in the hands of Padmabhushan Smt. Kalanidhi Narayanan and she waves it this time to describe navarasas, the nine basic emotions as experienced by Shakthi, the divine consort of Shiva. In an engaging classroom session with Priyadarsini Govind, her illustrious disciple and the eminent danseuse, Kalanidhi maami unveils the gamut of emotions kindled in Shakthi by the adventures and attributes of Shiva.

Shakthi is shrungara personified when she sets her eyes on Shiva;
all other men create bibatsa;
She shows raudra when she thinks of Ganga, the other woman in her life;
hearing Shiva's exploits, she displays adbutha;
She exudes bhayanaka stirred by the snakes encircling Shiva's body;
She is an embodiment of feminine valour or veera;
She is all haasya in the company of her man Shiva.
She does this in style by making use of a slokam by Adi Sankara - Shive shrungarartra in ragamalika.

What follows the classroom session is a sprightly demonstration of Shive shrungarartra by Priyadarsini Govind.

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