Bharata Natyam - Navarasa - Face of Nine Emotions - Krishna


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This product presents a vivid exposition of Navarasa, a component that forms the cornerstone of all streams if Indian classical dance and theatre. The nine basic emotions,as classified in ancient Bharatanatyam texts,spring forth with all their intensity and splendour through an exquisite and exhaustive classroom session involving

Maami's classroom session brings home the multiple emotions kindled by Krishna, the epic hero through two fascinating compositions:

Atheeram alokitham - a composition by Bilwamangal / Ragamalika This composition presents little snapshots of Krishna describing his sweet talk, manly gait, intaxicuting caress and charming smile.

Mallesas shylendro - a composition by Bilwamangal / Ragamalika Here a college of images unfolds,as a child Krishna enters the wrestling arena to take on the wrestlers set on him by Kamsa.

What follows the classroom session is a sprightly demonstration of these compositions by Priyadarsini Govind. A great learning experience that all students of dance will cherish.

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DVD 5 ALL English 60 min

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