Madura Thillanas In Bharatanatyam


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Choreography : Prof.Sudharani Raghupathy
Composed by : Vidwan Madurai.N.Krishnan
Rendered by : Smt.Sudha Ragunathan

Dancers: Padma S Raghavan, Aruna Subbiah, Prabha S. Dixit, Malavika Raghunathan, A.Lakshman, Nathella Aishwarya, T.M.Sridevi, Vani Vetrivel, Suchitra Ramaswamy, Priya Murle, Nalini Prakash, Shyalaja Ramji

Mayamalava Gowlai – Adi (In praise of Lord Muruga)
Bilahari – Adi (In praise of Meenakshi)
Bagesri – Misrachappu (In praise of Ganesha)
Hamirkalyani – Roopakam (In praise of Varadarajan)
Kapi – Adi (In praise of Anjaneya)
Sankharabaranam – Adi (In praise of Shiva)
Sivaranjani – Kanta Ekam (In praise of Mookambikai)
Hamsanandhi – Adi (In praise of Narasimha)
Kanada – Adi (In praise of Karpagamba)
Desh – Roopakam (In praise of Nataraja)

The bud that was the alarippu blossomed into a beautiful flower in the varnam and the fragrance remained in the padhams and the javalis. To retain the beautiful memories of music, movement,rhythm, and colour is the thillana – a dance item of joy. It is short and crisp and is one of the loveliest of musical forms which is very popular in the dance forms as well. Thillana seems to have existed as early as the 16th century. The very word has the rhythmic syllables “thi-la-na which are in fact used in the composition itself. According to another interesting idea the word thillana could have been derived from dhil (heart) and lahlana (to make happy, in Urudu); therefore dhillana or thillana. In Hindustani music, another name for the thillana is tharana.

As a musical composition, the thillana has a pallavi, anupallavi and charanam. Sometimes it has only a pallavi and a charanam or only a pallavi and a anupallavi. The thillanas in the dance forms use drum syllables. In the charanam, there is a short verse of sahitya addressing a deity which concludes with the signature or mudra of the composer.

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