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Marga Tradition Revived

Karana Prakaranam is a result of Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam's four decades of research on Bharatamuni's Natyasastra. This product is both educative and entertaining. It gives practical guidance for training the body, through a pedagogy system that Dr. Padma has revived from the common dance codes, meant for whole of Asia and India in particular. Marga is the path laid down by Bharatamuni giving a common grammer for the whole Continent. The 108 Karanas, which were the basic units of dance, have been demonstrated along with the relevant sculptures interspersed. The Jatayu Moksham choreographed and performed by Dr. Padma, re-validates the strength of Marga dance technique in enabling the past to march into the future, allowing creativity without losing the roots of eastern aesthetic values.

The DVD includes basic training for Angika Abhinaya like Angas, Upangas of the body and face, Hastas, Sthanas, Caris, Karanas, Saushtava, Recakas, Angaharas, Pindis, Mandalas and Kalpana.

DR. Padma Subrahmanyam (Awarded Padmasri and Padma Bhushan by the President of India): Padma opened a new chapter in the history of Bharatanatyam by being the first artiste to present on the stage the Karanas... not only a visual but also an intellectual treat... remarkable for the plastic fluidity of her movements, the precision of her steps and the richness of her personality - Times of India (1963)

Extract from the citation of Lifetime Achievement Award: ... for fundamental research on the foundations of Indian Classical Dance and establishing the unitive thread in the diverse Indian dance forms on the basis of Natya Sastra; for innovative cross cultural research and compositions with Far Eastern and Western styles; and above all, for being a beacon and paramount exponent and torch bearer of the highest in the perennial Indian artistic traditions - Soorya, Singapore (2009)

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