When Gods Dance. Disc 9: BharataNatyam


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Part 17
Alarmed Valli (Bharata Natyam) - Kala Samarpana Group (Bharata Natyam) - Bharata Choodamani Group (Bharata Natyam) - Kalakshetra Group (Bharata Natyam)
In this episode, we concentrate on Nritta or pure dance. Rhythmic Patterns called Jathis or boles area common feature in all the major classical styles of India . Every individual has his or her own style of rendering a Jathi. In this episode, we will watch a few group numbers of these complicate rhythmic patterns. We present students of Narasimhachari and Vasanthalakshmi, students of Adyar Lakshmanan, students of Kalakshetra and a solo number, a sprightly Thillana by the dancing star Alarmed Valli. Alarmed Valli is one of the well traveled Indian dancers.

Part 18
Lakshmi Vishwanthan's Group (Bharata Natyam) - Madhuvanti (Bharata Natyam) - Ajith Bhaskaran Das (Bharata Natyam)
In this episode, we begin with a group number-an extract from Yatra choreographed by Lakshmi Vishwanathan. With new innovative music, Yatradenotes the journey of man from birth to death. Featuring six youngsters, this scene from Yatra depicts the birth of man and his youthful love and romance. Madhuvanti, a disciple of Dr.Padma Subrahmanyam, performs to her guru's choreography of a traditional padam Aadikondar in praise of Lord Nataraja. Ajith is one of the popular dancers of Singapore and has performed on stage with many of the dance schools there. Here he presents Simhasanasthithe in praise of Goddess Shaki. We also visit the Dance school Singapore Indian Fine Arts Society in Singapore. ** Language: English.

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DVD 5 ALL English 60 min

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