When Gods Dance. Disc 8: BharataNatyam


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Part 15
Lakshmi Vishwanathan (Bharata Natyam) - Students of Smt. Radha (Bharata Natyam) - Mahalakshmi Narendra (Bharata Natyam)
In this episode, we present three compositions by three great Tamil poets. First, we have Ms. Lakshmi Vishwanathan dancing to the popular padam Varugalamo, an emotional number from Nandanar Charitram written by poet Gopalakrishna Bharati.
Second comes a group presentation by students of Smt. Radha performing to Aadi Arule written by Kumaragruparar. The childhood days of Goddess Meenakshi, the reigning deity of Madurai is described by poet Kumaraguruparar in this song Aadi Arule.
And then we present Smt. Mahalakshmi Narendra dancing to the well-known number Chinnanjirukilye kannama by Mahakavi Subramaniya Bharati, where the poet describes the love and affection a mother showers on her child.

Part 16:
Malavika Sarukkai (Bharata Natyam) - Braga Bessel (Bharata Natyam) - Meenakshi Chittaranjan (Bharata Natyam)
This episode features three celebrated dancers depicting three different kinds of heroines. We begin with Malavika Sarukkai a familiar name even to those who know very little about Bharatanatyam. Malavika took training in the Thanjavoor style from Guru Rajaratnam. In Papanasam Sivan's Yenna Thavam, the dancer exclaims to Yasoda What penance did you perform in order to beget the great Lord Krishna as your son? In the next item Idaivida Innum, choreographed by Kalanidhi Narayana the heroine suspects her husband to be involved with another. Braga Bessed who learnt Bharatanatyam from Shri Adyar Lakshmanan and then took additional training in Abhinaya from Smt. Kalanidhi Narayanan performs this piece. The next number is a Kali Kouthuvam in praise of Goddess Mahakali and Lord Parameshwara. It is performed by Smt. Meenakshi Chittaranjan, a well-known Bharatanatyam dancer who has performed all over the country and abroad

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