When Gods Dance. Disc 4: BharataNatyam


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Part 7
Kalakshetra group including Janardhanan, Balagopal (Bharatanatyam), APSARAS Group (Bharatanatyam).
This episode features one group India and one from Singapore. Choodamani Pradanam, a very popular dance drama from Kalakshetra, choreographed by Smt. Rukmani Devi Arundale features veterans Sri Balagopal and Sri Janardhanan in the lead roles of Hanuman and Ravana. It is the canto of Ramayana where Hanuman meets Sita in Ashokavanam. Smt. Neila Satylingam a familiar name in the dance world of Singapore, a student of Kalakshetra, has a well established dance school Apsaras in Singapore. The Apsaras group performs a small extract from Ritu Mahatmayam about the different seasons. Music for this is composed by the renowned danseuse Dr. Padma Subramanian and dance is choreographed by Smt. Neila Satyalingam herself.

Part 8
Bharata Kalanjali group including VP Dhananjeyan (Bharatanatyam), Sarasalaya group including Srekala Bharath (Bharatanatyam)
This episode features two groups both highlighting Nritta elements of dance. The first is a dance number performed by students of Sarasalaya and the second is by Sri VP Dhananjeyan's troupe. Award Students of her dance school Sarasalaya perform to Sarasa's choreography of Thanjavoor Shankara Iyer's Mahadeva Siva Shambo. The episode also features a visit to Bharata Kalanjali an art school run by the Dhananjeyans. After a brief conversation with them, we move on to a scene from their dance drama Sangamitra, on the life of King Ashoka. Choreographed to represent a group of courtesans performing to the great king in the royal courts, Sangamitra features Sri VP Dhananjeyan as King Ashoka.











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