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This dance instructional DVD is created for aspiring dancers who want to learn the basic technique and practice on a regular basis to become magnificent dancers.

Learning any art takes time and practice. At the end, the rewards are wonderful. This is an attempt to introduce you to the technique and inspire you to pursue this art further. This DVD disc features interactive menus and chapter marks for easy access to your desired dance step or scene.

  • Dancer: Padma Chebrolu
  • Directors: David Morrison
  • Format: AC-3, Color, Digital Sound, Dolby
  • Region: Region 1
  • Studio: Cultural Centre of India LLC
  • DVD Release Date: July 28, 2003

Some of the highlights of this DVD include: 1.Salutation, 2.Basic Positions, 3.Single Hand Gestures, 4.Warm up Exercises, 5.Steps Series One, 6.Head Movements, 7.Eye Movements, 8.Neck Movements, 9.Steps Series Two, 10.Double Hand Gestures, 11.Poses, 12.Costumes & Make Up, 13.Ananda Natanam Dance.

In this DVD, Padma Chebrolu demonstrates how she has taken her years of intense Bharata Natyam training and teaching experience to the dance studio. She instructs the viewer just as she trains her students in private classes. All of the steps are taught in simpler and smaller segments to make it easy to follow. Padma uses well organized material and standard teaching method throughout.

Disc Information

Disc Region Language Duration
DVD 5 ALL English 60 min

Some stills from this DVD

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bharatanatyam vcds
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