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This DVD brings you the traditional Bharata Natyam dances performed during the formal performances. It also has all the dances used during Arangetram (solo graduation recital) which is done after many years of intense dance training from the guru. This DVD includes the songs, meaning of the songs and descriptions of the dances for easy reference.
  • Dancer: Padma Chebrolu
  • Directors: David Morrison
  • Format: Color, Digital Sound, Dolby, Full Screen, Surround Sound
  • Studio: Cultural Centre of India LLC
  • DVD Release Date: December 18, 2003
  • Run Time: 60 minutes

Following are the dances from this DVD:

1.Guru Brahma slokam is a prayer to God Ganesha. Set in Raga Hamsadvani.

2.Manikya Veena slokam is a prayer to Goddess Saraswathi. Set in Raga Kalyani.

3.Pushpanjali is a prayer dance to God Ganesha where the dancer offers flowers. During the dance, the dancer pays respects to God Ganesha, the Guru & the audience. Set in Ragam Nattai and Talam Adi.

4.Alarippu dance is accompanied by the beautiful sollukattu (rhythmic syllables) in the pure dance technique. Set in Ragam Hindolam and Talam Rupaka.

5.Jatiswaram is a pure dance sequence. It is a dance expression of the ideas and impressions evoked by musical sounds. Set in Ragam Kalyani and Talam Rupaka.

6.Varnam song displays a great combination of both pure technique and facial expressions. This song is a prayer to Goddess Parvati. Set in Ragam Kamas and Talam Adi.

7.Padam is a song in praise of God Venkateswara and his golden hand which blesses all his devotees. The song portrays the ten incarnations of God Vishnu. Set in Ragam Jenjuriti and Talam Adi.

8.Tillana is a pure dance with complicated rhythms & playful choreography. In this dance, the dancer hears the flute music of God Krishna. Set in Ragam Kadana Kutuhalam and Talam Adi.

9.Sabdam song is a prayer to Lord Muruga who is praised as "Dhivya Swarooban" born for Deva and Devi (Shiva and Parvathi). Set in Ragam Ragamalika and Talam Misra Chapu.

10.Mangalam is a salutation to the universe, the elements, the guru & the audiences. Set in Ragam Revati and Talam Adi.

Disc Information

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DVD 5 ALL English 60 min


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