Bharatha Samudaayam Vaazhgavay
(Bharathiar songs)


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Bharatanatyam items by Roja Kannan, Priya Murle, Lavanya Ananth

This VCD is an attempt to bring out the greatness of Subramanya Bharati's genius by giving his verses a visual dimension. This production is a creative tapestry of the various hues and moods of Bharatiyar's lyrics of women's liberation, patriotism, religious sentiments, forces of nature and love in the Bharatanatyam format. The highlight of this thematic presentation is a medley of the most popular songs of Bharatiyar strung together, persenting a garland of thought and sentiments titled "Bharatham, Bhaarathi Bhaaratham".

  1. Pudumai Penn
  2. Bhaaratha Samudaayam Vazhgavay
  3. Om Sakthi
  4. Agni Kunji & Mazhai
  5. Thaga Thaga
  6. Bharatham Bharathi Bharatham

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