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Bharathanatyam is a God-given art, a fine medium of creative expression that brings forth a myriad human emotions with unmatched flair and intensity. As an art form, Bharathanatyam stands apart as a symbol of the very performance of living, enriched and embellished by an ancient tradition. It has captured global attention and has carved a niche for itself in all cultural vistas across the world.

Bharathanatyam - the essence and essentials is a sincere and serious effort to capture the Indian classical dance in all its variety and verve with the help of the best of technologies and talents. Presenting the salient features of Bharathanatyam in a neatly classified interactive form, it is backed by the expertise and guidance of Shri Madurai R Muralidharan, a reputed dancer.

Available in 2 CDs, it is a second guru that enables the students to explore the infinite wonders of Bharathanatyam at their own pace and convenience.

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2 CD-Roms

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