Invocatory Items - Twin DVD Pack.


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Demonstration & Recital of
Pushpanjali & Alarippu, Kavuthuvam & Thodayamangalam, Mallari

This twin DVD Pack unfolds the aesthetics and applications of invocatory items in Bharatnatyam, an ageless dance form of India known for its beauty and variegated splendour; it treats the viewer to some fresh and fascinating aspects of Pushpanjali & Alarippu, Kavuthuvam & Thodayamangalam, Mallari backed by a neat, learner-friendly format.

Demonstration & Recital of
Pushpanjali - Nattai - Adi

Demonstration of Alarippu
& Recital of
Alarippu - Nattai-Roopakam
Alarippu - Sankeernam
Alarippu - Chathusram

Demonstration & Recital of
Thodayamangalam (Jaya Janaki)

Demonstration of
Chidambaram Natesha Kavuthuvam
& Recital of
Subramanya Kavuthuvam
-Gowla-Eka Taalam
Chidambaram Natesha Kavuthuvam

Demonstration & Recital of
-Gambheera Nattai-Misra Triputa

Demonstration DVD
Presented by Nrithya ChoodamaniPriyadarsini Govind, the distinguished danseuse, it carries demonstrations by young Bharatnatyam students. While describing the significance and subtleties of these items, it attempts to provide a comprehensive view of each component.

Recital DVD
It contains some pulsating presentations by Priyadarsini Govind and her disciples on all the opening items and their variations that would immensely appeal to the students of Bharatanatyam and the connoisseurs alike.
This DVD Pack is brought to you by Swathi Soft Solutions, the people known for their innovative use of technologies in creating a wide range of instructional Audio CDs, VCDs and DVDs on Indian art form, under their Sanskriti Series.

Disc Format Region Language Duration
Disc 1 DVD 5 ALL English 55 min
Disc 2 DVD 5 ALL English 40 min




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