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What words are to a language, Adavu is to Bharatanatyam, the ancient dance form of India. It fuses different aspects of dance to create a framework and also gives a seamless continuity and fluidity to a recital. The Adavu demonstrations in this DVD are based on distinctive Adavu styles as mandated by the two well-known schools namely

  • Kalakshetra

  • Vazhuvoor

Here, theory and techniques behind each Adavu are slickly explained & demonstrated by Shajilal (Kalakshetra), Bhargavi Gopalan (disciple of Smt. K J Sarasa) and Apoorva Jayaraman (disciple of Smt. Padmini Ravi). These young and vivacious dancers also show variations in Adavu execution that lend the recital the variety and verve.

This DVD, with its form and content, stands as a glorious testimony to the imaginative excellence inherited by these artistes from their respective Gurus.

The Sthaana, Chaari and Nruttha Hastas stipulated for each Adavu have been explained in detail.This DVD is brought to you by Swathi Soft Solutions, the people known for their innovative use of technologies in creating a wide range of instructional Audio CDs, VCDs and DVDs on Bharatanatyam under their Sanskriti Series.

An ideal learning tool for those serious students of Bharata natyam.

  • Thattadavu
  • Nattadavu
  • Marthitha Adavu
  • Pakka Adavu
  • Kuthitha Mettadavu
  • Kuthadavu
  • Sutral Adavu
  • Thattumettu Adavu
  • Makuta Adavu
  • Theermana Adavu
System Language Duration
NTSC English 1hr 13min




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