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It is a journey down memory lane for Chitra Visweswaran, one of India's finest exponents of Bharatanatyam. In this compilation of her concerts in Sri Lanka in the mid 90s, the danseuse treats us to a delectable fare of copybook Bharatanatyam. She paints a colourful collage of epic characters and their emotional moments aided by some lilting compositions.

Each item, preceded by Chitra's engaging introduction, unveils the mood of the composer, meaning of the lyric and the emotion it portrays. Nothing can more effectively sum up her style than these three words- depth, detail and discipline!

Anjali - Gambhira Naatai - Tisra Ekam,
Kali kavuthuvam - Hamsadhwani - Kanda Chapu,
Varnam - Velanidam poi-solladi - Vachaspathi - Adi,
Aduvum solluvaal - Sourashtram - Adi,
Kaa.. vaa.. vaa - Varaali - Adi,
Raamar thaalaattu - Ragamalika - Adi and Thillana - Ranjani - Adi

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DVD 5 ALL English 113 min

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