Adavus with Music (1 DVD & 2 Audio CD's)
by Jayanthi Subramaniam


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Every classical style of dance in India has two distinct aspects - Nritta and Nrithya.Nritta is a pure dance, i.e. various pleasing movements of the eye,neck,hands,legs and the entire body, which do not convey any particular meaning but produce an aesthetic beauty by virtue of the symmetry and geometry of form created by the limbs of the body as it moves in space. In Bharatanatyam,the basic unit of Nritta is referred to as an adavu. The practice of adavus is the strong foundation on which the dancer builds up her stamina and proficiency in pure dance.

Bharatanatyam Adavus is an audio-visual aid brought to students of dance with two significant factors in mind. However important the practice of adavus may be,it is a fact that students find it difficult to go through the grind. In this DVD the adavus have been performed to a combination of musical notes and rhythmic syllables, for music gives that extra bit of energy and inspiration require for the student to practice. Secondly some of the basic excercise of Carnatic music like the Sarali Varisai,Janta Varisai,Mel Sthayi Varisai,Dhattu Varidsai, Alankarams have been incorporated into the scheme of adavus used in Bharatanatyam.This we hope will help students to unconsciously develop the musical sesnse that is so essential to dance.

Audio CD

The two audio CD's in this pack contain the chollukattus and music required for day to day practice of the advus. The DVD contains the additional information about the diffrent series of adavus, the names of ragas used and the views of Guru Adyar Sri K.Lakshman,Smt Kalanidhi Narayanan and Bhagavatulu Seetharama Sharma on adavus in its varies dimensions.

DVD Contains

* 01.thattadavu
* 02.nattadavu
* 03.paraval adavu
* 04.kuditthu mettadavu & Kuditthu mettadavu with thaiyathaiyi
* 05.kutthadavu
* 06.thath thai tham adavu
* 07.messages of gurus
* 08.thahatha jham tari tha
* 09.theermanam adavu
* 10.paicchal adavu
* 11.thai thai thath tha
* 12.thangidu thath tha dhinna & kartari adavu
* 13.mandi adavu
* 14.sarukkal adavu
* 15.katthi adavu
* 16.thatti mettadavu

Audio CD I

* 01.slokam & thatti kumbidal
* 02.thattadavu
* 03.nattadavu
* 04.paravaladavu
* 05.kuditthu mettadavu & kuditthu mettadavu with thaiyathaiyi
* 06.kutthadavu

Audio CD II

* 01.thath thai tham
* 02.thahatha jham tari tha
* 03.theermanam adavu
* 04.paicchal adavu
* 05.thai thai that tha
* 06.thangidu thath tha & kartari adavu
* 07.mandi adavu
* 08.sarukkal adavu
* 09.katthi dadavu
* 10.thatti mettadavu
* 11.namaskaram


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